Best places in Bodrum

Blue Voyage

Stretching from Bodrum to the south-east, Gökova Bay has been named after Halikarnas Balıkçısı and Azra Erhat as ‘the Blue Voyage” when they first discovered it. Boats which pull up anchor in Bodrum and head for Gökova will soon discover the ultimate harmony of green and blue and the beauties which lie under the crystal clear waters. A center for manufacturing boats for centuries, the demand of sea-faring visitors has made yacht tourism one of the principal sources of income in Bodrum. Among the first places seen on "The Blue Journey" are Karaada, Kargacık Bükü, Pabuç Burnu, Kargı Adası, Alakışla and Çökertme. Other important stops on "The Blue Journey" are the forested and crystal clear coves of Küçük Çatı, Büyük Çatı, Yedi Adalar, Longöz, Değirmen Bükü, and Karacasöğüt. Besides the natural beauty, historic sites such as Sedir Island, the ancient city of Keramos and Yedi Adalar are frequent stopping places. You need to allow 7-10 days for this journey, which is open to anyone who wants to join one of the groups.
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