Best places in Istanbul


Vogue has been placed at the top floor of Besiktas Plaza, one of the most favourite restaurant & bar in Istanbul since the day it was opened in June 1997. Vogue Restaurant & Bar is one of the best and most convenient meeting point in Istanbul with its wide selection of delicious menu, immaculate service, and central location. The “Zagat Survey”, which determines the World’s bests in the “food and beverage” sector for 23 years, selected Vogue as “one of the best restaurants” in Istanbul. Vogue was also awarded as “the best restaurant” in 2002 TimeOut Istanbul / Miller Food and Beverage Rewards. It is a great pleasure to eat in the distinguished environment of Vogue which is surrounded with the Bosphorous view. The sushi bar with its wide selection alternatives and tastes is the most preferred in Istanbul.  

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