Best places in Istanbul

Konyali Restaurant

Grand father Hacı Ahmet Doyuran who had moved to Istanbul from Doganbey, county of Konya in 1895, established a cookshop in 1897 under the name of “Konya Lezzet Lokantası” in Sirkeci, district of Istanbul which consisted of four tables and sixteen chairs. Afterwards, he assigned the management of the restaurant to his son-in-law, Mustafa Doğanbey. Konyalı Lezzet Lokantası (Konyalı Taste Restaurant) had been known as a representative of hygiene and taste within a short period of time and become the first in minds for serving Istanbul cuisine. After the 1940s the fame of Konyalı spread throughout Turkey as a result of Nurettin Doğanbey's (grandson of Hacı Ahmet Doyuran) endeavors. It became one of the most famous places that kings, queens and stars have visited to this date. Today, the restaurant is managed by the fourth generation, Mehmet Eren Doğanbey, and since its establishment, it had been visited by queens, kings, stars and presidents from all around the world foremost Atatürk, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, former President of Pakistan Benazir Butto and former President of the USA Richard Nixon between 1924 and 2006  

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