Best places in Istanbul

Kiz Kulesi

Kız Kulesi in Salacak, Üsküdar which has become a symbol of Istanbul, was built by the Greek commander Alkibiades in 419 B.C. to oversee enemies coming from the Black Sea. The Turkish name "Kız Kulesi" is derived from a legend about a princess who was confined by her father to protect her from the fate foretold by a dire prophecy: that she would die from the bite of a serpent. However, the princess was eventually bitten by the serpent, which came in one of the baskets containing supplies.The tower was being used by the Turkish Navy as an inspection station.  Recently it has been restored and beautifully illuminated by private sector to be used as a restaurant and café with shuttle boat services from both sides of Istanbul. There is a music group “Leandros” performing live music in Kız Kulesi.  

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