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Haci Baba Restaurant

The Haci Baba Restaurant, a face of nostalgia in Beyoglu, has been serving its guests since 1921 with its constant understanding of taste and decoration ever protected with great care.We are at a place that takes us back to the old days of black and white photographs. Looking through the window, bearing in mind the times when the street was open for running traffic, we feel as if we might almost see good looking ladies and gentlemen passing by gracefully beforeus at their very best. Strolling through the back streets of the neighbourhood, it's almost as if we should see some young, noble gentlemen wearing their swords, or perhaps heavyweight cook assistants carrying on their shoulders kitchen utensils and large cauldrons full of food. This is where we have reached in our efforts to track down a true Ottoman meal. It is an enormous dining hall still decorated as it was in the 1920s. As soon as the wall sconces are lit, the dreams and imaginings of the past are delivered into the the present day. We are now at the Haci Baba. It is located right across from the French Cultural Center; approximately 50 metres away as you walk towards the Istiklal Street from Taksim Square. We entered there by stepping through a small, modest door, which normally would not capture much attention. Isolated from the street's noise, the main dining hall transported us back to a different era with its decora tion, designed prominently in shades of brown. The restaurant has two other sections apart from the main hall, where green and blue ceram¬ic tiles are laid out to complete the perfect picture: A private VIP lounge which was arranged to mark the 700th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire, and the garden that looks over the Aya Triada Church. Capacity: 230 people

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