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Esma Sultan

Esma Sultan, the daughter of Sultan Aldülhamit 1st, was born in 1778. In 1792 when she was only 14 years old, she was married to Admiral Hüseyin Pasha. She was known for her lively and colourful character. She was one of the most elegant ladies in Istanbul. Depending on the season she lived in her palace in Divanyolu, at her Kiosk in Çamlıca and her seaside mansions in Boğaz and Eyüp. The architect who designed The Marmara Esma Sultan in Ortaköy is not known and the building reflects the golden age of Istanbul. Unfortunately, it was damaged by an earthquake in 1762. When Esma Sultan died the mansion slowly declined. In 1856 a big fire took place and the famous architect of the period, Nikagos Balyan restored The Marmara Esma Sultan which then became the property of the Tırnakçızade Family. At the beginning of the 20th century, The Marmara Esma Sultan was used as a tobacco warehouse and in the following years it was used as a coal depot. After another fire in 1972 , The Marmara Esma Sultan was left to its fate, In the 90’s this property was taken over by The Marmara Istanbul and it was restored according to its original plans and given its new cultural identity. In 2001, inside of the building was reconstructed using glass and steel and now it is open all year-round.  

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