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Bodrum Castle

Whether viewed from the sea or the land, Bodrum’s famous castle is an impressive example of medieval architecture. Construction of the castle took years to complete and occupying some 30.000 square feet at its base. In its days, the castle was a monumental symbol of the unity of Christian Europe against the ascending power of the Ottoman Empire.The castle is in excellent condition, it now houses a one of the world's finest museums (with exhibits on underwater archaeology). Mostly stones used in the construction come from the tomb of king Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Mausoleum’s massive construction survived for centuries until an earthquake brought it down in medieval times. The knights used the ruins as a stone quarry. In 1522, while reinforcing the castle, they even discovered the funerary chamber of the king, whose treasures were quickly looted. In the 15th century AD, the Knights of St John invaded the region ( whose headquarters were on Rhodes Island ) and began constructing the castle that we see today.The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is not just a dusty collection of lifeless relics, it is an original, creative and also exiting experience. Here monuments, jewellery and seals from the Old Bronze Age, Archaic, Classic, Hellenistic Periods are displayed so it is a trip into a fascinating past through to life in exhibits that take you back in time into the worlds of ancient mariners who sailed to meet their destiny shipwrecked on Anatolian shores or to the medieval Age of Knights who built this castle from stones that once were part of one of the The Mausoleum of Halicarnasus.
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