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Beylerbeyi Palace

Information:It was built between 1861-1865 by Sultan Abdulaziz and is located in Beylerbeyi neighborhood of Istanbul , at the Asian side of the Bosphorus , situated just north of the Bosphorus Bridge today . Between 1829-32 , architect Krikor Balyan built a timber waterside palace on behalf of Mahmut II which was called "Yellow Palace" . because of its yellow color . Abdlilaziz (1861-76) after he succeeded the crown demolished this palace and made Architect brothers Sarkis Balyan and Agop Balyan built Beylerbeyi Palace between the years 1861-65 . The Palace was used mostly on summer months and for hosting foreign presidents . The palace was the place of several events throughout the history . Sultan Abdulhamid II was exiled in it from 1912 until his death there in 1918 and there are interesting nacreous furniture placed in the palace which he made by himself during his exile and are interesting examples showing his carpentry ability . Empress Eugénie of France also visited Beylerbeyi when she was in her way to the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 . She had her face slapped by the sultan's mother for daring to enter the palace on the arm of Abdulaziz . There were also other regal visitors to the palace like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor . The palace is much smaller than Dolmabahce palace , however it was built in a luxurious and sumptuously neoclassical style that is apparently noticeable throughout the palace . It consists of a waterside palace parallel to the coast line surrounded by an area of 160 , 000 square meters of comprising a hunting area , a zoo and a garden with different flora from all over the world . During sultan Abdulaziz' reign , the Turkish army was occupying the second place in the world after that of England and it seems that the Sultan had a passion for ships which is evident through the strong naval motif in the decoration and the painting of ships inside the palace . The floor is covered with straw from Egypt . In the first floor , there is the largest saloon with a large pool in the middle . The pool was designed to cool the place in hot days of summer . At the other side of the pool , there is an attractive bronze statue of Sultan Abdulaziz on a horse . The Harem section starts with a saloon and also consists of rooms of Abdlilhamit II and his wives , on the upper floor , study room of Abdlilhamit II , the bedroom of Valide Sultan (Sultan's Mother) , reception room , Sedej1i Saloon , all are decorated with enchanting and beautiful decorations After the upper Harem section known as Mavi (Blue) Saloon , there is the most splendid saloon of the palace . The interiors of the blue columns are timber as the salon was used for ceremonies . The bedroom of Abdulaziz that was used by the sultan , afterwards the guest bedroom , the waiting room , ministers room of which walls were covered with timber , are highly decorated places and come in harmony with the magnificence of the saloon . In the garden , there are kiosks and a large pool . Because of its slope , the palace was organized by sets . Around the large pool , there are Yellow Kiosk and Marble Kiosk which was built in the reign of Mahmut II . What attracts attention are the two waterside kiosks with different designs which were built with the new palace , one for Harem and one for Selamllk . At the entrances of the kiosks , one can find stoas covered by many little domes . There are the main area long at the Bosphorus and a service room . Top of the main area is covered by a sliced dome . The ceiling of the kiosk of Selamltk is decorated with animal figures while the ceiling of the kiosk of Harem is covered with flower patterns .

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